Brett and Sons Plumbing is one of the best plumbing companies in Queen Creek. They are not only professional, but they are also respectful and punctual. I love their service and will not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Sara William
If you are looking for top-quality plumbing service at reasonable rates, then Brett and Sons plumbing is the one you should contact. Their customer service is exceptional, and their plumbers are knowledgeable. No matter how difficult your plumbing issue is, plumbers from Brett and Sons plumbing can fix anything.
Gina Johnson
They installed a water heater for me and finished the entire work in just a few hours. They were polite throughout and charged me with what I expected from them.
Andrew Parker
The shower drains back up at our new home appeared suddenly at night. We called a few plumbers, but the price they were charging was very high. So, we called Brett and Sons Plumbing, and the plumber came within 10 minutes. He fixed the issue at a reasonable price.
Mark F.
My leaky hose spigot was increasing my water bill. The plumber came, and it only took him 20 minutes to fix the issue. He was very nice, polite and professional. The company gave me the best price than its competitors. I will contact them next time too when I will need a plumber.
Mason G.
A few days back, when my bathroom faucet started to leak, I called them. To my surprise, they were prompt in scheduling and dispatching their plumber. The plumber was an expert and courteous. He fixed the issue in no time. Highly recommended!
Jessica Hilton
I had a clogged toilet, and after trying so many DIYs, things went downhill. I immediately called the company. They understood my problem and sent their best plumber to resolve the issue. The plumber was quick to fix the issue. Recommended!
Marie Smith
Very experienced, professional and knowledgeable! They installed a tankless water system in our home and explained everything to us in an easy-to-understand language. Recommended!
David Miller
They were quick to identify the issue with the installation of the water heater and did a commendable job in replacing the system, and that too at affordable rates. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Patrick Ryan
This company is the most reliable company in Queen Creek. Most of the plumbing companies I have worked with were cheaters and would try to sell me the things that were not needed. However, this company is different as they have polite and honest staff. Recommended!
George Keith